The New York Chapter (2011)

by Freddy Fuego

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Freddy 'Fuego' Gonzalez –
Trombone, Trumpet, Flute, Piano

Julio Ortiz - Trumpet
Jackie Coleman - Trumpet
Melissa Aldana - Tenor saxophone
Mike Buckley - Tenor saxophone
Curtis Stewart - Violin
Caleigh Drane - Cello
Sam Yulsman - Piano
Paul Odeh - Rhodes/organ/piano
Steph Brown - Keys
Dave Negron - Acoustic guitar
Rob Keith - Electric guitar
Jo Keita - Electric guitar/bass
Ryan Hinchey - Bass
Justin Williams - Bass
Billy Glynn - Bass
Luis Guzman - Bass
Felipe Quiroz - Drums
Compton Robinson - Drums
Rick Gonzalez – Congas
Vivian Warfield - Percussion
Trevan Van Buren - Percussion
John 'Chance' Acevedo - Vocals
Christopher 'Chilo' Cajigas - Vocals
Ryan '6th Degree' Nava - Vocals
Cyrus 'the Raskol Khan' - Vocals
Tarik 'Scribe' Holder - Vocals
Sciryl Cooper - Vocals
Rebecca Lee Lerman - Vocals

Produced by Freddy Gonzalez, Do Ya Thang Records
Mixed and Recorded by Jo Keita and Felipe Quiroz
Mastered by Jeff Reeves at Masterdisk
Graphic Design by Chris Gonzalez, Hexagonz Media

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released November 30, 2011

Freddy Fuego's debut album, featuring The Raskol Khan, Chilo, Chance, Rebecca Lee Lerman, 6th Degree, Scribe and Sciryl Cooper.

An engaging blend of hip-hop, jazz, rock, reggae, latin, and classical music, this album crosses genre boundaries and defies contemporary musical stereotypes to create what this upcoming artist describes as “a soundtrack to New York City.” Be sure to check out this first effort by one of New York City’s most original and talented underground musicians.

About the Artist
Freddy has shared the stage with first-class artists such as Brian McKnight, MC Hammer, Buju Banton, Groundation, Collie Buddz, Pato Banton, Talib Kweli, Pharoahe Monch, Dead Prez, De La Soul, Styles P, Blitz the Ambassador, Cody Chestnut, Bootsy Collins, Fred Wesley, Delfeayo Marsalis, Jason Palmer, Sam Barsh, Maurice Brown, Grace Kelly and Bobby Sanabria. He has performed at hundreds of festivals, concerts, and venues in New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, Rhode Island, New Orleans, Florida, and Barcelona. Notable venues include Alice Tully Hall @ Lincoln Center, Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, and The Blue Note in the West Village.



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Freddy Fuego New York, New York

Freddy currently freelances with numerous bands around New York City, while leading his own band as Freddy Fuego. He has shared the stage with artists such as Brian McKnight, MC Hammer, Buju Banton, Talib Kweli, Dead Prez, De La Soul, Bootsy Collins, Fred Wesley, and Delfeayo Marsalis to name a few. Notable venues include Lincoln Center, Yankee Stadium, and The Blue Note. Check out his new album! ... more

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Track Name: Words Never Spoken
This song is dedicated to my grandmother, who passed away four years ago on this date.

She was the matriarch; she was the one who held everyone and everything together. I've never lost someone who was this close to me, and the songs on the album reflect some of the different ways I’ve dealt with this loss.

Without the storm, it would be impossible to truly appreciate a sunny day… unfortunately, sometimes you don’t know what you have until it’s gone. Rather than regret her departure, however, I am simply grateful that someone this special was such an important part of my life.

The things that we do for ourselves die with us, but the things that we do for others live on. She did so much for everyone that she met, that although her physical form is no longer here, her energy lives on in all of us. Death is a natural part of life – and now it is up to the rest of us to fill the void that she left.
Track Name: Keep the Faith (ft. 6th Degree)
Older man he comes, Along the open road
Times they may be changin' still his pace it never slows
No food to hold him over, he carries all he owns,
This guitar his father gave him, it's the only work he knows

He sings his songs of hardships, he has had to fight
His songs teach us of patience, and keeps our spirit's high

So when the poisons try to take you, never let their sickness break you
Keep the faith if just to make it through the day
Through the depths of all their stressins', hold your ground but search for lessons,
Keep the faith if just to make it through the day, keep the faith

She's been like a muse for my music, it moves it, in tune with these frequencies, we've been experiencing along our travels
still passing through the perills, yeah i know i've got my devils but i've finally learned to level,
now i'm caught in her net, hooked again out of the water, treat her the same, as i watched my father treat my mother, i'm done playing games, i've got the strength to admit it, and just like common, i've got the sense to stay commited, no gimmicks, these lyrics, reflect the part of me that i would go to any galaxy to see you see the reason i believe is all about security, and wantin' to change, i heard her sing a song i knew i'd never be the same
and everybody's got their tribulations, and it's in those situations we survive through conversation, so i continue staying true, never leave her feelin' shameful, lost in her essence as I strive to be faithful.

Keep patience, patience never let go of hope, pull your mind past all negative outcomes,
Patience, patience, never let go of hope, pull on past your distractions
because life is a balance, beneath these reactions, faith is the way i manipulate my actions, maintain prepared stay aware of surprise, when it's a question of strength and not a question of size
and i've stood the tests and weather the storms, and i've seen the oppressed fight their way to reform, keep the past to my back, plan attacks to move forward, keeping faith alive alive alive alive alive alive...